You fool...

Father Cimaresto Sir Duroc Moon Knight

When are you guys going to learn that one person does not make a city?

I was kinda intrigued how long it would be before you or Kes or one of the other knights that currently suffer from Rabies whenever a possible chance of mentioning those \"murdering dog slimy scum from Thakria\" pops up.

This was a Bandit operation from the top, You had Bandits from 3 of the 4 cities taking part, There were Thakrians like myself who took no part UNTIL we were attacked ourselves.

So get of your bandy legged high horse, smell the coffee and open your eyes.

Oh and by the way, last time I looked a God chooses to act of their own accord, if they decided to disfavour Fizzy then you can bet your ass he did something to deserve it, and judging by the number of Forest Decompose deaths yesterday it may have had

something to do with that.

Regards, Father Cimares, with just a little bit more respect for the gods than a lot of you show on here.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.