Rangers?! don't EVEN go there!.

Don't even compare the city neutral rangers guild to the bandits. Why even bring the rangers into this at all? as a GUILD we have taken no un-neutral actions. As individuals we give our members the freedom to intrepret their actions and values as t

hey individually see fit. (something that is reportedly becoming increasingly more rare in the thakria these days).

In the rangers guild we do not give the command of guild troops into the hands of new recruits until they have proven over a period of time that they are loyal to the guild and would not compromise our neutrality by getting involved in partisan city w


History will mark this event as plaman getting his 'retribution' for a couple of animists irritating him during warfare. this is not unlike the other characteristic it will be remembered by which is Babidi manipulating a new guild to fulfil his perso

nal crusade against the animists. (just look at the first post each of them made and it is obvious what this action was).

the very fact that you use neutral guild troops to punish a guild for its violation against your city is complete nonsense as they did no wrong to your guild - to your CITY perhaps but that is a different matter - or is it? it would seem ANY city gu

ild would have the right to grievance and extracting punishment but not your neutral guild.

by your own rule neutral guilds who overstep their bounds and get involved in city warfare deserve to be punished. does that same logic not apply to you in your defense of Thakria?

Also your logic states that the guild was punished for the acts of individuals so should not your city be punished for the acts of its barons? I think it is within the rights of the animists to blacklist the entire city of thakria until they express

their disagreement with the current leaders by removing the prince. They are probably too forgiving though but then again you knew that.

The bandits have shot any vistage they might have had as an independent guild. Many members are still independent in mindset but their Guild neutrality has certainly been prostituted. As for the innocence of Thakria, they seemed pretty well represen

ted by their barons who had no qualms about entering the fray and interfering in what was supposedly an independent guild matter. IT seems both the Bandits and the Thak leaders have overstepped their supposed neutrality and are in worse violation tha

n the animists. what punishment do YOU then deserve by your own measure?

Written by my hand on the 14th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.