Ummm, wrong again.

Sir Duroc Moon Knightto Loremaster Yairi

Yairi, even the most blind and stupid, (e. g. those Babidi surrounds himself with) know it was a Thakrian action. Surprisingly enough, my enwho list has never been anywhere NEAR that large. Coincidentally right when the attack started. Then oddly en

ough Thakrians started intervening when the animists tried to defend their own guild.

Save your stories for your fellow Thakrians, perhaps if told it enough times, they may believe it. Seems to work with every other lie your prince spouts there.

Plaman, spew all you want, it is sad to see someone who once meant something, and had respect in the land, running yapping at the feet of one such as Babidi, and licking his hand. I bet he has you trained to sit up and beg too, or is that the next


scrape pentacle

Written by my hand on the 8th of Eleuthral, in the year 1055.