I am posting this here as I think some in the public will be interested to hear. I appreciate the message that the animist who blocked the woods to interfere in warfare were wrong. I must also inform you the animist were not slain in a fit of pique.

Instead one of them was later methodically disposed of in a cold calculated manner of vengeance.

Again the point is not that I care about the blacklisting. It is more to the point that animist feel they can dabble in fighters buisness without any backlash or being handled in a fighters method. Animists have shown time and time again they think

they are above the rest of us in the land and do as they please. They feel they can get involved with fighters and walk away unscathed. You want to get into warfare and the fighters arena you pay the consequence and no little telling them they did w

rong suffices.

In the end I have settled my score. Though the verbal abuse I took afterward still stings coming from such refined 'ladies' that we know the animist raise, I do not intend to go around slaying animist. A large part of you are fairly decent. However

if you again block the forest or even dance a peace rit to protect a general marching his troops I will show you the consequence so blacklist me before you do it to get the buisness out of the way.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Hindyear, in the year 1054.