again slowly.

Just to clear this up as Kes like to over react. The agreement I made was that I would move no more troops into Mercinae soi as long as they did not move into ours in that 24 hour period. I however not once agreed to remove any previously placed tro

ops. I even went so far as to inform Ragar that if he knew of any of my troops already out that if he took them out that it didn't breach the agreement but that I would be obliged to destroy any Mercinae legions left out. He didn't, I raised flags o

n the troops I previously had out. By the way if you even had a small understanding of warfare you would know it would be impossible to have flaged the locations I flaged today if I had moved the troops after I made the agreement. You lost this roun

d get over it. I still stand by my word of the agreement am glad for the extension(Happy Holidays to those who care) and regret that I did not do as complete a job as I could to inform my fellow barons of the agreement made. I do place some value on

my word though not too much because I am after all a thief!


Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 1054.