Since you were guildmaster last time I looked I thought I would address this to you. I have it on good word that animists were asked and did close down the forest in an attempt to stop troop movements. While I can not speak for my city I consider th

is an act of war on myself by the animist. Any attempts by any mortal be they animist, pacifist or fighters to get in my way when I march troops will be dealt with in any means I can even if it means I beat on you 10 to 1. When it comes to troop mov

ement and safety I have no qualms with the numbers I use to achieve my goal.

I do not wish to threaten the animist guild and though I do not hold many of you as friends I am not enemies with any of you. However clearly aggressive actions against me will not be tolerated.



Written by my hand on the 25th of Midsummer, in the year 1054.