Giliad Silverhandto Everyone

After hours of horrific fighting, Springdale and Thakria have come to the following agreement:

There will be no troop movement outside of city walls until 6 AM GMT on Tuesday, the 20th of December, by Thakrian or Springtownian troops.

Thakria has also agreed to move no troops outside of its city walls toward the Mercinaen front, as long as Mercinae does not move troops outside of it's city walls toward the Thakrian front.

This cease-fire is ratified by Plaman of Thakria and Giliad of Springtown, and any Springtownian or Thakrian citizen who violates the agreement in word OR spirit will be outcitizened immediately.

Giliad Silverhand

Written by my hand on the 25th of Midsummer, in the year 1054.