Hmm... Sadism again? or petulence.

Well for a Prince you surely don't act in a manner befitting...

I do respect your fighting prowess regardless of your obvious lack of maturity but is slaying my eagle from underneath me after killing and shipping me really necessary? Especially when I am DP and talking to friends so recently after the fight.

AND to then spam me with spitting shirolos and blocking my movements away (After slaying my eagle) as I have a trigger just to use up my supply of the herb??? Appologies to all but that is a blatant abuse of the system and the game. This is not a wing

e, but try to actaully get into the spirit of the game.

As for you thinking that I called you a twit? Please dont make me laugh... is your ego that big? Of course I can curse myself for falling to you once again, so what, that is nothing to do with you!

Grow up and start acting like a Prince not a petulant child, show us what you are really made of.

Shirolos covered Saevandar...

Written by my hand on the 18th of Paglost, in the year 1054.