As i have had the opportunity to read oh over 40 posts in one sitting I realize one constant in most boards. Your blatant disregard for the spirit of rolplaying and \"avalonian\" gaming. Blessing! bulimia. is a no no.tsk you should know better than th

is. but. blessing bulimia to otherwise \"safe\" denizens reeks of... sadism.

Ofcourse this has been all dsaid in the past, by. a pretty large portion of the players so i wont get into it. I will get into something else though. Babidi. OPENM YOUR EYES!! manj. you ae. are. prince to the city of miracles. a city with a lo

ng history and a longer tradition. you hold a place of not only powr to uncitizen the people you dont like but to truely make a stamp on avalon. as a rutheless war lord if you wish. but something more than just. babs the sadist seer.

As the prince to the city with the largest fighter base in Avalon you must grow! People dont fear you. at least competant people. you are just a nuisance.a very annoying one. so annoying in fact ive heard that youve got at lesast. two cities ...

if not three. complete government and military. against. not thakria. but YOU! what will be your legacy? The prince who lead his city into the age of rubble? Or do you think you can atctually fight a three frongt war. ?

This is taking longer than i had thought. Listn as i have asat here in the pool basically chatting and reading the boards, and though i cant wait to get back. one thing is painfully obviouse. avalon isnt as fun as it would be or could be. or was.

and will be till you. leave. or. mature. wichever comes first. mthinks the first but.shrug.If you desi.decide to disregard this hol. whol post then just atake one thing in.

Act. according. to . your station. running around using pseusdo bugs and game imperdfections to antoagonize. or \"punish\" opponents smaller than yourself and not really worth the effort.\"accordoing to you\".is just NOT the actions of a Ruler...

a ruler who deems himjself an emperor.a ruler who would rule all of this land. by might or by treachery. but never. by. childishness.


Opemn. your eyes. See the reality, Understand the purity. and... grow up.*x

Written by my hand on the 1st of Cloudburst, in the year 1054.