Jander - Abusing the "Spirit of the game".

Lord Genesis,

Recently you posted asking to bring to your attention any loop holes

or abuses to the \"spirit of the game\"

I have come across a prime example of abusing the spirit of the game,

Jander the cowardly knight has repeatedly use the BB or QQ command as

a means to escape death by my hands.

He use this method nearly every single time I attack him. Today I login

and see him unprotected in main part of his shop. I run to his city and

summon him. He imidiatly starts running for the pool of life. After I

summon him to the meeting place again he turns on flight 100 and starts

to enter the BB. I wait for him in the location he bb. Then he disconnects

from the game inside the BB.

I can see nothing that abuses the spirit of the game more than these acts,

Several other Thakrians have said to me that he has done the same to them.

Jander does nothing but sit in his stockroom or the pool of life to come out

when the odds are in his favour, I often fight him 3 or even 4 to 1, but \"I\"

stand and fight sometimes win sometimes lose, but I never cheat. Why should

jander be allowed to get away with this? I have reported this several times

and nothing has been done. Its getting to the point where its ruining the game

for me and for many others



Written by my hand on the 17th of Agamnion, in the year 1052.