Thakria and Babidi.

Gwydionto Everyone


I dont want to go on at length and I wasnt present at the attack jhor, sheigh and babidi mentioned...however:

Recently, at the temple of Genesis, koyen and zerina mentioned that thak was 3 against 1. I pointed out that this was a thakrian choice as they had failed in there attempt in a teaty with parrius. Namely not to kill parrian cits in city locales. Th

e question which Jhor poses and I think all of Thakria must answer to is this:

Will you let the bloodthirsty and personal attacks of Babidi and Threap rule the city? Or will you instead start thinking of the city itself and the fact that you will be faced with enmity of 3 cities combined for something which most of you are unaw

are? Think through it.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Agamnion, in the year 1052.