YOU can stop your counter-whining now.

Agrias, Thrice Accursedto Proteus, god of the sea

Its over Proteus. Why? Because you NEVER said anything about my suffix 'Moving the Tides'

as being an insult to your order. EVER! You dribbled on about how silly you felt when I

showed Parrius how lazy our elders were, including Jhor, which I felt was my right as a Parrian

to express. You didn't like it cause your high Priest was being accused of something from

another mortal. Let this be a lesson to anyone! Do NOT criticize citizens who are lower in

rank then you in your city if they are part of some power-hungry God's order. As we all

know, city means nothing compared to your order.

I am pissed at you Proteus for not explaining yourself in your msg's to me, all you ever said

was, \"Don't ever make any sort of reference to me in your posts again with Jhor. \" Since then,

I have apologized to you three times and each time punished for my apology!!!

And I am sick and tired of everyone saying, \"Well Krill is such a fine, upstanding warrior,

unlike you. \" You know why they say that??? Because very simply he can kick their ass!

But again, as in my previous 'whiney' post, you don't get respect like that until you can

and in the meantime you are team-stripped daily and forced to remain dp. If you really

wanted to help matters in any sort of productive way Proteus, you would come down to our

world for a few minutes and actually find out what's happening ON LAND!!!

Nothing ever gets accomplished in this world without people 'complaining' about the things

that suck. If my child ever came up to me and said, \"I was just beat up by a whole bunch

order threap follow agrias

a toad even after apologizing to him,\" would my duty as a father be to say to him, \"Quit

yer whining sissy-pants and keep paying me $$22 a month! \"

Your ideals are as twisted as the Azrili Labyrinthe and for a God of the Sea, its a wonder

you STILL don't have that Seafaring skillset...

Consider me unsubscribed. And please, please, please... TRY to wake up and see where this

game is going for us mortals?

Written by my hand on the 6th of Hindyear, in the year 1052.