Death by Misadventure.

Inshallah, goddess of the moonto Everyone

I see the 'death by misadventure' cause on a list called MEMDEATHS which records your every demise. I'm sick of seeing it and as of next wednesday I'll disfavour whomever I see dying in that manner simply because I shall assume they are some cowardly

so and so getting DP off a cliff instead of facing the future with some sense of self-respect.

Oh and the performance at the meeting where Threap made you all look like a bunch of bumbling fools was pathetic, I think that if six of you can't take down ONE thakrian after a ten minute rant on teaming by yours truely then I should simply despair n

ow and save myself time.

Sort your lives out or I will take them from you.

Inshallah, goddess of the moon

Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1052.