2 brews per year per timezone.

That's 1 brew per week per timezone approximately.

That means if you ship once per day you are fine with the new rules. (Or rather OLD rules reborn, 10 years ago brews were rarer than what you are offering)

While the bully can get to kick ass, once you've shipped you're DP and can sit comfortably till you're ready to fight again.

If you are ordainable, you probably have tons of Bloodlust. If you ship it hurts, you'll lose most of your rides and not gain DP.

If people didn't whine and actually thought about it, the new system can make for a better Avalon.

You could all start fighting single death mutual challenges, you could all team a bully and make him lose all his rides just after a brew, you could all learn how not to ship by evading death when waiting for next grey/olvar hit.

Instead you mostly just whine a lot and act all defeatist. Positivity is alive and well and not living in Avalon apparently.

Perhaps a return the days of NO ressurection potions, and Wurtfoil once a year, if you are lucky, would teach people a thing or two.

Bottom line, there are plenty of ways to get wurtfoil, some of which it may amaze people to know (Hi Babs!) can be done \"in (your own) character\" . There are plenty of ways to avoid needing wurtfoil.

So enjoy the new challenge (which at 2 brews a RL week isn't that much of a challenge to be honest)

Written by my hand on the 14th of Ilmarael, in the year 1052.