Brew Policy.

Gwydionto Druid Bosno, Jack-In-The-Green

Bosno, et al.--

First I want to echo the sentiments and ideas expressed by Malachi in his post. I think they bear consideration.

I would like to go further, however, and suggest that limiting brews will only encourage the gang and bully mentalities that have become (or which have always been) so prevalent in Avalon. With life at such a high premium, the only fighting that will

be encouraged is, in my opinion, the \"wrong sort\"--gangs of five on one, for instance, where the groups can be sure of staying alive

Finally, at the risk of going a bit OOC, many people come to the realm because they enjoy fighting. With such staunch penalties in place (particularly for those who cannot make a brew at its posted time) we are discouraging the young from taking risk

s and growing and limiting the abilities of those who continue to play at what they love here... combat.

My two cents, Gwyd

Written by my hand on the 30th of Midsummer, in the year 1052.