Druid Bosno, Jack-In-The-Greento Everyone

Greetings all!

As GM of the Animists, I am hereby giving notice of a change in our policy of brewing wurtfoil.

From Monday, there will only be 4 brews per Avalon year, 2 each in the US and UK time zones. These brews will be timed when the land is well populated (RL weekends, Spring/Autumn in Avalon) and times and dates posted here at least 24 hours in advance.

While I can already hear the howls of resentment, Life here has become the cheapest of Avalon commodities. Some guard it closely, others squander it time and again. While you will still be free do live and die as you wish, it will no longer be as easy

a matter to restore your safe Ship rides as it was before. Those that squander Brigantia's Gift of life will now have to spend more time in that uncomfortable region called 'negative skills'. Perhaps the difficulty of getting rides restored will give

you pause before you throw away that last ride, perhaps not. I am also hopeful that Divine Protection will stop being used as an insult and be regarded for what it is - a gift from the Gods. You wouldn't disrespect an Immortal to his or her face, so

why disrespect their protection so much?

As with everything else in Avalon, I'm sure you will all adapt to this new situation. I look forward to the comments/criticism/insults that are sure to follow!

Be well, all of you.....

Written by my hand on the 17th of Midsummer, in the year 1052.