Arikarr D'Malachia, Burning Heartto Warakurna

I would like to examine the dictionary definition of honour as you have posted it in the light of my lifetime amongst the Thakrians. This is not a criticism of you in anyway, but I felt my viewpoint might just add to the 'discussion' in progress.

You note that honour is initially defined as 'high respect or public regard'. Now, this doesn't neccesarily mean 'positive' regard, negative regard can be equally considered, in which case Babidi, and indeed many other Thakrians can qualify under this


'Adherence to what is right' also is a Thakrian trait. No, don't gasp or shout in outrage. In my experience those of Thakria have always done what is 'right for Thakria', and none of our leaders have every betrayed the trust or empowerment that the pe

ople give them.

Finally we come to my favourite point, and the main thrust of my post - \"An accepted standard of conduct. \"

There was a time when I thought like Phaid there, that the world was a terribly unfair place, with no regards for the efforts of the individual and no control for the excesses of my enemies. Yes, I too was robbed, stripped, teamed, repeatedly slain, b

athed, slain again. And all for simply being 'Thakrian'.

I stuck to my morals as best I could, whilst serving evil at the same time. I didn't strip excessively, nor team those weaker than myself etc. etc.

But over the years I was shown that my style of behaviour, displaying a measure of sportsmanship and honour (as you seem to define it) is not the 'Normal' level of civility in Avalon. Not at all.

Indeed, Avalon has proven to be the most cuthroat, violent and deadly world I have ever walked, and its that danger and challenge thats kept me coming back for more, over and over.

It seems that from this standpoint, a definition of evil arises as being 'a practitioner of unacceptable practices within a social construct'. In other words, 'true evil' would come about as a result of taking actions that would horrify most of the pe

ople of this land, an example of which might be teaming someone in a mutual challenge.

All sides find this practice distasteful, and therefore it is 'evil' in the purest sense. It is, as you propose, a lack of 'adherence to the accepted standard of conduct'. Likewise such things as abusing gods, abusing PW/DP status, shouting abuse from

safe rooms and so on are without honour, as you define it.

However, the things of which you complain, stripping, teaming, jumping etc. are VERY well established parts of Avalon, and are a tried, tested and accepted practice by all sides.

Ergo, if my enemy does as I do, and I am without honour, then so is my enemy. In which case, honour ceases to have a valid meaning.

My enemies do as I do, and I do not blame them. And I will do as they do, and expect no condemnation in return.

With that thought, I give to you that there are no truly honourless people in Avalon, for such would be hounded by all until they left (such incidences have arisen in the past, however.)

I think therefore, that what you should be saying perhaps, is that those you rail against are without 'Mercy', not 'Honour', and in saying such I would have to conclude that your statement is correct.

We are without mercy. The same as our enemy.

But we have as much honour as the next competant fighter. No more, no less.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Leaflost, in the year 1051.