Idjits lack Bubba-idi.

Sir Duroc, Knight of the Moonto Everyone

Actually, the lowest common denominator is what you are all about Babidi, taking the trash of Thakria into your little teaming parties.

As for honour, yeah, I guess someone who steals other players characters on here, who rampantly and continually abuses every bug he can find, who abuses seconds for the sole purpose of stealing wurtfoil totally against the spirit of Avalon, who engage

s in continual and personal OOC attacks on people, usually, women who can't stand his pathetic advances, who kills and strips Lightweights, amongst other things, wouldn't understand the most basic thing about it.

But much as such a person feels the need to intone everything he can, private conversations, insults to the gods, lies, because his craving for attention is only surpassed by his desperate need to yank on Meriam's arm, yelling \"Mummy, mummy, look at m

e, look at me, waaaaaaaaah, look at me\", this hardly means anyone else wants to be bored with it.

Stick to what you are good at, teaching nobodies how to gang-strip people a quarter their size.

In the meanwhile, I will be saving my marshmallows for the Thakrian barbecue, when we will roast them over the smoking ruins of the city you are dragging down into ruin.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Leaflost, in the year 1051.