Idling and multiplaying.

Snark of Mercinaeto Apollo, the god of light

Apollo - thanks for clearing up the creation of this character. It's unfortunate that the point of my objections is still not understood.

I do not disagree with what is in the help system 'because' this is a pay per play game. I disagree with any system of authority which has no checks placed on it.

The fact that this is a pay per play game means that I think everyone who is paying for the pleasure of being here should have an equal right to be heard when there is a situation of conflict such as the one Phaid became embroiled in.

Xanthe - I wish you would be honest and admit that the accusation had nothing to do with idling, but instead with multiplaying. Phaid was never accused of idling in all the time he played on here.

This is confirmed by the log I sent to Apollo. If he hasnt already I would appreciate it if he would let you read it.

Inshallah - If the rules say no idling, wouldnt it be a good idea if 'idling' were defined somewhere? Is it based on not moving for a certain period of time?

If so, how long? 1 minute? 10 minutes? - there are many reasons for a player not moving for a while. Or is it based on how quickly a player responds to a tell from a god? If so then lag must be taken into account, and whether the player knows who is

talking to them as well.

I subscribed Snark because my right to post on the board was removed as Phaid. I consider this censorship. I objected to that more than any of the other 'punishments' and hence created a personna so I could have a right of reply to what I considered

an injustice.

Hopefully this is made clear by the fact that Snark does not 'play' and is still in the same state as when he finished his accolades.

Cimares - I wont bother to respond to anything you have said as everything you say confirms my earier mentioned opinions of you.

Plaman, Imladris, Blu, Warakurna, I agree with all of you on the subject of honour. It is an indefinable thing in that we each define it for ourselves. I cannot however see how a group of several high powered thugs attacking a single player when he

is nowhere near their city and hence not a threat can ever be considered 'honourable'

Thank you for listening...:)

PP Phaid the unable to speak for himself...:)

Written by my hand on the 13th of Leaflost, in the year 1051.