sunclaw good?.

The Blu, spirit of the Blue Diamondto Everyone

well i have been having some discussions on the post about the alignment of the Sunclaw clan, and i would like to make the following points clear:

1- The Sunclaw clan isnt for a \"good\" aligned person, its a person who would like to help avalon be a better place, to make avalon a place where both Good, and neutral people can live, i didnt state evil, because evil usually results in a negative eff

ect on how \"better\" a place is

2- parts of the sunclaw are to give, listen, understand, state, prove, say the truth, help, plan. not fight fight and fight, that is if we EVER fight, our clan isnt made for any fighting purposes, its made for the purposes of what i stated, and if any

of those aims need fighting then it shall be

3- I have heard some rumours about fighting thakria, i would like to make clear (again) that our clan has nothing to do with fighting a certian group of people, or any city what so ever, our clan is made to aid our aims ONLY

thanks for reading this post, and i hope to see YOU with us soon, for making avalon a better place... blu

Written by my hand on the 16th of Hindyear, in the year 1051.