Mademoiselle Imladris, Schoolmistress of Parriusto Everyone

Yesterday, as I was briefly undeafened, I heard someone shout out the following statement:

Honour is the crutch of the weak.

This statement struck me not only as being false, but as SO false that I wanted to comment about it publicly.

To me, honour is the complete OPPOSITE of a crutch. Rather, it is an additional \"burden\" that some of us carry willingly. I hesitate to call it a burden, because it doesn't actually feel like one, but insofar as it is something the dishonourable have

cast aside, the honourable are encumbered by it.

By not placing the condition of honour on their behaviour, the dishonourable have a wider range of options in any given situation. Therefore, any accomplishment achieved through dishonourable means is a great deal less impressive to me than the same a

ccomplishment done with honour.

I have a great deal of admiration for anyone in Avalon who conducts him- or herself honourably, for truly this is the more challenging path. Those who treat others honourably do so on a completely volunteer basis, for it offers few (if any) tangible r

ewards. If not for these efforts, though, the world would degenerate into a place that few young players would wish to inhabit. I doubt if very many of us would have stuck around in a world where the only treatment we got was dishonourable.

Honour is a thankless job in terms of advancement in our society. I am grateful that at least some people are willing to do it. Selfishness, mudslinging and backstabbing grow tiresome very quickly for me. I'm still not altogether convinced that there

is more to Avalon than this, but whenever I meet the acquaintance of someone who shows strength through honor, I feel hopeful that my time here will be worthwhile.

Sincerely, Imladris


Written by my hand on the 13th of Hindyear, in the year 1051.