The Sunclaw clan.

Loud Lolen, Mosh with meto Everyone

This is a post to both welcome and explain the ideals behind the newest clan of avalon, The Sunclaw clan TM

Based in Parrius for the moment (soon to be moved to a wilderness location) it is a clan for those of you out theer that seek to make avalon a better place, far to long as this land been overshadowed by a blanket of evil, through the division of this

lands people such evil has grown and prospered but no longer, the unity the Sunclaw has to offer will bring an end to the darkness and shed light all across the land.

At the moment after strong initial membership, and lots of work by various people to make this dream a reality, we are glad to offer membership of our group to all people across avalon, those of you that feel out of place, without a sense of purpose o

r belonging, you are welcome, thoseof you who wish to dispell the evil that has befallen avalon, be you strong of arm or mighty of magic, you are welcome, those of you who wish to lead a quiet life in the company of friends and valued companions, you

are welcome.

If such a life interests you, come seek us out and find youre place in a new avalon

Written by my hand on the 7th of Hindyear, in the year 1051.