My Apology.

Father Cimaresto Apollo, the god of light

Lord Apollo, I would like to apologise for the essence of my last post. The OOC parts were brought about by anger at the recent attitude shown by many members of the younger players in this realm to the place of the gods.

I did not mention multiplay in my first post as it is not something that should be discussed in this forum as you so rightly pointed out, My initial response was due to his lack of good roleplay, something that members of all cities have been guilty o

f in recent times.

Avalon is a good land, one with lots of potential is people will open their eyes and see whats around them, without to resorting to the old lets get this changed, lets get that changed. Why do they think people like myself and others have survived her

e for 9 RL years.

armsmash sugna a lesson to the younger players, I am in the wrong, and I accept whatever punishment Apollo feels is warranted. This is called Humility and Respect. It is a lesson worth learning.

Regards Father Cimares, Priest of Vengeance

Written by my hand on the 6th of Hindyear, in the year 1051.