Apollo, the god of lightto Father Cimares

I spoke to Phaid on the matter sometime ago. I pointed out the section

on HELP GODS and he said he'd read it and we discussed it at length. I talked

to Xanthe and I got her side of the story. Phaid is in the wrong, no matter how

it started, he disagrees with what is in the help section because this is a pay

game. Of course, Avalon cannot operate with integrity if that ever becomes an

issue between the gods and the players (especially as the gods pay to play as well).

You are also wrong though. You post in public that someone is multiplaying characters.

This should never be done, ever. And in this case you are wrong anyway, even in as

far as Phaid having started up an old character to post. He hasn't, he started a new one.

I'm not really sure why, but he obviously has something to get off his chest and

we don't generally censor people in Avalon - unless they are posting personal

details or making accusations (usually wrongly) about second characters.

There are no rules in Avalon, the gods make them up as they go along and they are

often seemingly unfair, especially to the mortal who tends to have a blinkered view

of the world. However, this is also the essence of Avalon and as we pass into our

12th year I would like to think that not only has it stood the test of time but

it can stand some criticism from disgruntled players without you having to respond

to each post.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Hindyear, in the year 1051.