Father Cimaresto Everyone

I don't give a monkeys what the accusation was, the gods are the makers of the rules in this game, and also the policers of the same.

If you are accused of something, you have two options, you accept the punishment and get on with your life, or you talk to Apollo. Believe me there have been many punishments meted out to characters for various infractions of the rules.

They just get on with their lives and wait for the punishments to finish. They understand that if they moan, or whine or whinge then the punishment gets drawn out or prolonged. Has this happened to you?

So you state that Xanthe took your (phaid's) BB posting rights away, do you think this is wrong? Do you suppose that the Gods are given those powers just to sit at and look pretty? No dumbass, they are there so they can punish toads like you that don'

t toe the line.

Haven't you proved she was right by immediatly re-subscribing another old established character just to post crap on the BB? I mean come on, how many other characters are you playing right now, You've just proved you were running another character at

some point.

Its this kind of play that can ruin the game for others, not what you are accusing Xanthe of.

Oh and by the way, if you don't like the style of this game, and have basically told the administrators that their design is crap, why did you just pay another 25 dollars just to whinge? Whos the foolish one here? Why not just let it go and leave quie


Your pondweed sonny. You and any other character you care to pop on here and post with.

No Regards. - Father Cimares

Written by my hand on the 18th of Ilmarael, in the year 1051.