The "Robbery".

Now then... about this post on the city board you made, im not really fond of being called a little s%*t or a citizen that stabbed you in the back. Maybe you should hear the story from who it frigging happened to before running your frigging mouth of


about stuff u dont bloody know about, fair enough it was your shop, but it could've happened to anyones shop

I think the question should be, who set the portal up and left it in the middle of cass sq?

I actually wanted to make it up to you somehow, unti a read your post. Now apart from visiting friends i dont think i want to join this city after what you've said.

Tis your loss, not mine

Not the Happiest of People, Zartuuz

Ps. Damnit Threap, gimme me mule back!

Also Bumble, if you want to talk about this, tell me anytime

Written by my hand on the 17th of Ilmarael, in the year 1051.