Or Snark when you next log on to read the reactions.

Father Cimaresto Phaid, Dead man walking

If you were leaving I really can't see the point in you writing such a long and almost eloquent post.

Ok, so you read the bits I mentioned about Help Gods, but did you understand then and take on board what they actually mean't? I think not.

This game has revolved around the gods and their influences since the year dot. I have grown in this land under the influences of some very evil gods, and also laboured under the wrath of the \"good\" gods for as long.

I have been punished by Gods for what I feel were inconsequences, but at least they were in role and in game. I took those punishments for what they were and respected the gods that gave them to me.

Your point about your old grandmother doesn't carry to hoots here. This is the realm of Avalon, where gods rule, and washing machines don't work, cos you kow what, we don't have electricity here...

Ok, so now I'm out of character. While I am lets look at your comments on new ideas. New ideas are good, there is a submissions system. Screaming abuse at a god for not embracing your idea of roleplaying is not a valid submission of ideas.

Your character was punished for breaking the rules. You as a person were not being punished so why did you feel the need to bring it OOC?.

You state this is the best game environment you have ever played in? I actually agree with this statement, thats why I and many others have been here since 1993. We have watched this land grow, the skills evolve.

We have watched Gods come and go, the influences within the land have shifted from good to evil and back again, from city to city. This land is far from stagnating. The major problem is the people who come here and expect this game to be the same as e

verything else they have played.

Give me a complete MUD newbie everyday over an experienced mudder who thinks they know it all. At least we can shape and mould them and incorporate their own ideas into a game, not the ideas they have brought from other muds and lands.

k up and let the rest

of us get on and enjoy what we do here.

Enough ranting, back in character. If you Phaid, have a problem with My goddess or My Order, bring it on. drop PW and I will grind your sorry little ass into the ground and spit on it.

Regards, Father Cimares, pissed off Priest of Vengeance

Written by my hand on the 16th of Ilmarael, in the year 1051.