Apollo, the god of lightto Everyone

I'd like to pay the very greatest amount of disrespect to our bank,

The National Westminster, who have now informed me that not only did

they not charge anyone for the batch entered on 12th April this year

they also didn't charge anyone for the batch entered on 11th April 2001.

Avalon was paid as usual, but the credit cards were not debited - hence we

at Avalon were completely unaware of this situation. (Observers of human

behaviour may be interested to note that not ONE player complained that they

didn't get charged that month, though these two batches include all the payments

for the previous month).

The upshot of this is that the bank will be making late charges to people's

credit cards - most probably dated 11 April. There's nothing we can do about this

they are within their legal rights. I have pointed out that around 10% of the

cards have now expired and they can't tell me how they are going to deal with that

though I expect they will just take the money directly back from us.

They have promised to send a letter of apology which I can scan and put on our web site.

So I'm sure that will make everyone feel a lot better. Anyway, if you do appear to get

more charges than there should be on up-coming statements, just check to see if

one of the dates is in April and remember that you did NOT pay the amount due back then.

Thanks for your patience in this matter.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Skyelong, in the year 1051.