Of course you're the judge of whether someone is at heart Thakrian, Alenya certainly wasn't, nor was Rinnie in your mind eh. Or was it simply because they wouldn't follow you around as your lap-dog.

Alenya summed it pretty nicely when she said \"Any female who doesn't follow him around like a puppy is automatically labelled a whore\". So far it seems a little Bardess named Yalson found the smartest way to deal with you so far - by starting a new ch

aracter as a MALE alchemist so she wouldn't have to put up with your crap.

As for you being at heart Thakrian, i'm sure there is no Thakrian who'd be surprised whatsoever if you turned around and started killing them while in one of your usual pissy-pansy mood swings. Be thankful Thakria accepted you because you'll be hard-p

ressed to find another city stupid enough to let you in.

As for Tukar, I was simply pointing out to Agrias that you do have friends,

even amongst the very respected classes such as Tukars. And Randon, well

watching me fell staves and kill his citizens from his stockroom is also

worthy of Thakrian xcitizenship i guess huh.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 1051.