My 'usual shit'.

I was 'allowed' to move back to Thakria because I am at heart Thakrian. I don't think anyone can dispute that. The same could be said of Threap. The pathetic whiners that have been asking to move in more recently have generally been asking because

they want to die less, not because they want to help the city.

When I quit the bards guild last time, I not only did not touch the guild bank account, i left them with a new guildshop full of items I had stolen, the shop haven being built with my own commodities. I also left them with staves in almost every room

of their guild, again built with my commodities. The ONLY thing I even took with me was my personal supply of iron, which i stored in the bards guild commodities shed.

The only citizen even worthy of note we have 'lost' is Jhor, and Jhor has remained nothing but friendly to Thakria. If i was some horrible person and did nothing but mistreat him and drive him away, he'd have become an enemy of us most surely.

As for the rest of the names you mentioned, Tukar is not Thakrian, and as for Randon, he helped us raise the longnight in any way asked of him, despite the fact that it hinders his skills. It's that sort of dedication that makes him worthy of Thakria

n citizenship.

And remember Constantine, I don't think your opinion counts for much, as your previous city chose even pathetic characters such as Sheigh and Omacron to lead them over you.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Agamnion, in the year 1050.