Squire Constantine, Light side of the Moonto Everyone

After all, how can you explain your policy towards \"traitors\" that leave your city. I've heard several stories of how you threaten to run people out of the game who want to leave your city and you'll never let them get back in whilst you are there. We

ll must i remind you were once Thakrian, then you left and began pulling your same usual shit on them, and then you decided to move back to thakria and despite much resentment you were allowed in.

Well gee, now you deny others the liberties and opportunities that you were granted just simply because you are the Great Emperor Babidi. What makes you and people like Threap and of course your bimbo wife, all who used to kill Thakrians regularly, di

fferent from other people whom you've denied entrance back into your city when they've never killed one thakrian in their whole life ? That is quite hypocritical.

Then your friends, well who could go wrong with such winnable characters as Threap, Randon, Toranaga, and of course everybody's favorite Tukar. Damn why can't we get people like them over here.

Luckily for you, Thakria is full of morons like them: afterall why the hell would anyone let you become prince, much less a baron after seeing what you did to the Bards Guild unless you were a complete moron. I think I'd be more then a little self-con

scious of letting you have access to my city's resources after hearing of how you had emptied the Bard's Bank Account and ran off to an enemy city with a brawd after posing as a trustful guildmaster.

Well now you keep your power in check by threatening to run any of your citizens out of the game who does something you don't approve of, reminding me of what I used to hear of the Zeni-Marie Regime in Parrius just 100 times worse. Unfortunately you'r

e losing several citizens now due to this, but oh well who cares - you've got the great Randon living in your city, what else could you ask for eh.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Leaflost, in the year 1050.