King of Lame.

Babidi, I wish for a second that you could shut the hell up and realize what a

complete megalomanic schmuck you are. First, you try to kill my steeds

repeatedly (succeeding once to my 3 times vs. you), after having said that it

was the gayest thing ever. You spam me with bulemia blessing next while I'm

dp, in my guild barracks or somewhere else protected which is an obvious

abuse of a bug as everyone knows that a seer him/herself can't bless or curse

anybody if THEIR dp -- apparently the person's divine status that is being

blessed or cursed plays no sort of factor whatsoever, so I urge the Gods

to try and fix this nonsense if at all possible *kneel* Thank you.


Furthermore and henceforth, you wait till Krill and every animist in Avalon

is gone before you even attempt to come kill me, which is just plain cowardice.

Hencemore and Furtherforth, you interrupt my challenges consistently with

your petty bonding and farsight activity -- I should just start setting up

a camera in my home to film the screen constantly since there's not enough

space in my logs now to fit the crap I go through with you.

You can say I suck all you want, call me names, act out of character, kill me

after I kill your wife so easily (and even challenge her to show that I'm

capable of winning outside the easy jump -- which you are also King of) adn

do whatever it is you have to do to try and make your pointless points even

more pointless.

But know this, you have made A LOT of enemies, many more than I have. And

the death of you today by Joely, Duroc and my hands is only the beginning of

your destruction. See... you can kill us all you want cause we're not going

anywhere -- but when you lose to us... that oh-so-intimidating intoned voice

order babidi follow agrias

(ugh... stupid alias... why would i even want that to happen... that's erased now)

anyway, your intoned voice goes down the toilet.

Karma has circled right back around to whip you in the nuts, boy.

And you've failed to remember that however LAME you think the good guys act,


(disregard weaken alias as well)

we're always going to win in the end, regardless. So bring on the Longnight,

bring on the Black Sun, and bring on the cultists who worship something so

inanimate. Even bad guys have shadows, Babidi. And without the light

to give you one, you'd be out of a game.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Leaflost, in the year 1050.