I respect your taking issue with the concept of pacifism, yet I do not feel that it is appropriate to berate pacifists who choose to act in any way they are able to, under the official provisions of their status.

The \"rules\" that I speak of encompass more than just the set rules of the world of Avalon. By painting those who commit acts of agression while under protection as lamers, you set up a \"rule\" about lameness. As Babidi stated, Thakrians regard such beh

avior as lame, and are swiftly punished if they act in such a way. Therefore it could be stated that in Thakria, at least, engaging in combat under protected status is a violation of a rule.

As I see it, the program of pacifism exists just as it is - set up that way by those who created it. Whether enabling pacifists to attack the Black Sun was an intended condition or whether it is a loophole of some kind is beside the point, and not for

me to decide. There are a multitude of ways in which those under protected status can use that condition to their advantage. I have myself been disadvantaged in a similar way, and I understand the frustration you express. However, I accept that condi

tions are as they are, and I cannot fault the person who used this advantage to my detriment.

If there is any imbalance to be found, is it not within the program of protection itself (in its various guises), rather than in those who act within their power to accomplish the goals they set out for themselves?

Again, I wish to express my sincere respect for you as a fellow Avalonian who has never treated me disrespectfully, and as one who is many years my elder. My views here are in no way intended as a put-down of yours in this matter. Rather I seek to poi

nt out that it is not, in my opinion, a display of individual weakness for a \"good\" individual to use a situation to his advantage any more so than it is for an \"evil\" one to do the same. Nor is it any more unfair.

As a postscript, I would like to add that I do not consider any actions such as stealing another persons account, harrassment, or any other such personally invasive behavior as covered under the umbrella of \"by any means necessary\". These actions are

clearly a violation of ethics by anyone, regardless of his alignment within the realm of Avalon.

(And no, I am not accusing anyone of doing such things, just that I didn't want to inadvertantly promote tolerance of strategies that are beyond the scope that I had intended.)

Written by my hand on the 10th of Leaflost, in the year 1050.