Why what you are saying has no relevance to anything whatsoever.

Plaman did not complain about 'good' people using a lack of ethics to get what they wanted, he complained about people abusing special protections (divine protection and pacifism) to gain an advantage in what would be a combat situation (fighting for

the particular quest items in question in this case).

This is not a function of good or evil, but simply a function of what standard you hold yourself to. Thakrians are not above this standards of not qqing, not abusing divine protection or pacifism. If I see a Thakrian doing any of these things, or it

is proven to me irrefutably that they do, they would be punished harshly. I wish that was the way it was in other cities, but as the people on the 'good' side as you so put it have proven time and time again, the majority of them will sink to any de

pths to win. While Thakrians have been guilty of this, the city does not condone or tolerate it.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Leaflost, in the year 1050.