your post.

Since that was probably mostly in reaction to my post and my very vocal often harsh hasty and ill thought out shouts allow me to reply in a more thought out civil tone. First I do not believe I have ever once mentioned anyone breaking rules. Cordon

was ingenous and I did the natural thing left to a cult member and that was to appeal to pangyron to remove the renegade.

On the issue of the pacifist and protected people. No secret I think pacifist are pathetic and I have often stated my reason. All I asked for was to live in the spirit of the quest of the sturggle between dark and light and the competition and chall

enge it can invoke. Protected people doing what they can to hinder or help the quest takes out a large part of the competition. A pacifist who is not easily slain sent into the midst of enemies to kill a sentinent being is certainly against the spir

it of the quest(and perhaps even the description of pacifism for surly slaying is fighting) and diminishes the competition.

Again I don't think any rules were broken merely the spirit of competition tainted with an easy out and for me coming to avalon is all about competition in its various forms.


Written by my hand on the 8th of Leaflost, in the year 1050.