Good vs. Evil.

Imladris, Magickal Mermaid of Parriusto Everyone

One of the ways in which \"evil\" appears to have greater power than \"good\" is in the aspect of following \"the rules. \" Those of evil alignment typically do not feel, and are not percieved by others, to be bound by rules, codes or ethics of any sort beca

use they are, after all, evil.

In a way, this is the trump card of evil. Whenever good-aligned folks act in a way that is outside the boundaries of these rules, evildoers are quick to point out that this is a travesty of justice. But why is it any more unjust or out-of-character fo

r a good person to act outside the conventions of society than it is for an evil one? Is \"by any means necessary\" available only to the dark side? I argue that this is not so.

All other powers being equal, the evil gain their sole advantage from putting forth the idea that good is bound by a code of behavior. This is why they find it so irksome when a renegade do-gooder ignores this propaganda and empowers himself with the

\"by whatever means necessary\" clause, so freely available to the evil.

In truth, there are varying degrees of good, just as there are degrees of evil. While there are those of a lawful nature who willingly bow to the rules of order, there are others who lean farther towards the freedom of chaos. Has it not always been th

is way?

To the \"good\" out there, I say - feel free to think and act outside the box, for it is one constructed by your own enemies. To the \"evil\" I ask - Why do you expect a society whom you endeavor to destroy to constrain those who would try to prevent you

from doing so?

Respectfully to the powers of light and darkness,


Written by my hand on the 8th of Leaflost, in the year 1050.