Gemquest Phase Two Details.

Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

Phase Two

Generals choose their armies. Any who wish to participate in this phase should head to the appropriate area of Archangel in order to be chosen. All may participate, regardless of rank and ability though pacifists will be relegated to using their powe

rs within the confines of their base camp.

The only restricted powers/abilities are the use of heads and waxes made before entering the battlefield. All the existing heads have been noted and all seers will be watched regarding waxes. It is highly suggested existing waxes be left in a safe pla

ce to await your return so as to avoid any chance of confusion. Because of the pace of this phase, punishment will very swift and explanations will not be solicited.

In order to promote greater strategy and planning, the generals will be choosing their army in turn from people of differing levels of ability. In order to facilitate this, you are asked to gather in specific areas of Archangel so that the generals m

ay pick you from a group of those of similiar stature.

Those with maximum base (without use of bearform/stronghealth etc) health of 1570-1270 should report to the Western Gate of Archangel.

Those with healths of 1220-1020 should report to Rose Street in Archangel just east of Western Gate (there will be a sign with your health written on it there)

Those with healths of 970-670 should report to the Rose Street location just north of the previous group (again, look for the sign)

Anyone with health of 620 or less should report to By the Statue

If you are picked to be in Jhor's army, proceed westerly to Sparkling Chamber of the Mine (northeast of Mine Entrance. If you are picked to be in Blueskulls army, proceed to South End of the Mine, south of Mine entrance. There will be signs in both pl

aces-essentially you have to pass through the areas occupied with those of higher rank than you to get there.

This is a test of how good you are at following orders. Any people found out of place trying to pass themselves off as having a different level or as part of a different army will be punished.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Springflower, in the year 1050.