Artisan Allanon, of Springdaleto Huzow

Now i have had 10 mins to think on things I have come to the conclusion

you are slightly deranged.

You give an account of how you thought you saw a situation - even allowing for your

account being accurately (up to the point I chose to flee (retreat to regroup) ) or whatever

you want to call it why would i go and stand in the middle of Mercinae?

Those times mid fight vs multiple opponents in a hostile city, I do feel the need

to retreat and set myself up for combat again I move to the pool.

I dont like shop storerooms and have no wish to retreat to my HP room and

the pool serves as a temporary place just to mix some potions and sort myself out before

jumping back in the fray.

If using the pool like this is inappropriate I am blessed with a multitude

of movement skills to allow me to quick retreat to a far flung corner of Avalon

and if necessary this is what I will choose to do. However, Huzow you are the

least significant person in Avalon to make any demands regarding my behaviour

as you are nothing to me.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Midwinter, in the year 1049.