Abuse of power.

Huzowto Apollo, the god of light

I would like to place a formal complaint to you about your High Priest's

consistent, willful, and premeditated abuse of power. For as long as I can

remember Allanon has acted in a manner not fitting with a High Priest,

especially of light. When I was barely off the LW list, Allanon would strip

me and shatter everything he could not strip. Then when I was half his size

and could slay him with ease, I began to notice his abuse of high priest

powers. He has consistently launched attacks on Thakrians from a high priest

safe location, and he repeatedly fleas to those locations when the tide

turns against him (which is often.)

Today I logged on to see Allanon and Constantine in Thakria. I immediately

traversed to Allanon and started to curse him. Noticing his mana dropping,

h move homonculus19236 e fled. He portalled to Obidiah, flew to above the clouds, and retreated

(that should read he fled) to the Apollo marked location at before the

Mercinaen gate. I portalled to him, his mana was still below half, so I

tried for the absolve, not realising the location. The absolve failed,

and one second later I found myself zapped. Thinking this utterly

ridiculous, I asked various people to come get my body. One person obliged,

though he did not bathe me. He merely was holding my body so no prophet

could get the head. He too was zapped.

This sort of behavior is utterly unacceptable from both in-character and

out-of-character perspectives. If Allanon's HP status is not removed, I

will never give money to this organization again.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Midwinter, in the year 1049.