Rastafar, the Wandererto Everyone

The people of Parrius,

Today i was involved in a team fight in Thakria. Also involved on the other team was Tukar. After being attacked, and killing him he enemied me. Fair enough, i have no problem with being an enemy to him. However, having tried to jump me, and dying

twice, Tukar yanked me from the clouds, into Parrius.

On the first occasion i took no action against him. On the second occasion i was forced to attack, and killed him twice again. I realize this was against the provisions detailed in the treaty between our cities, but i feel that reasonable force was

warranted under these circumstances.

Now i consider many Parrians my friends, indeed my guildmistress is a citizen of your fine city. To be branded an enemy under such circumstances seems to me to be a complete travesty of justice. +

I ask the people of Parrius to reconsider this decision.


Written by my hand on the 15th of Agamnion, in the year 1047.