Babidi's impending suspension.

Apollo, the god of lightto Orthwein, the god of fate

All Babidi's crimes are to do with bug and system exploitation and not at all

his sociopathic behaviour which I'm certain you judge to be fantastic. Your

analysis of what is abuse and what is not is entirely wrong, by the way. If you

think it is acceptable to keep on killing people whether or not they have protection

or pacifism or have done nothing to Babidi whatsoever just because their 'skill

points' are above a certain amount then you are wrong. You can pretend you don't

know this is going on, but I wont let Babidi drive people from the game when he is

circumventing things that have been introduced to allow people to play their own

This points adherence also shows your total inability to recognise roleplay which

makes your babies post a joke presumably.

I've never looked once at Babidi's log - I don't need to. I've just returbned to

find another complaint in my messages. If this one goes the wrong way for him

he's out for good.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1047.