Recent events.

Loremaster Yairito Everyone

To the people of Springtown and Mercinae.

You will have noticed, by now, that many of your shops have been looted.

The reason for these actions is fairly simple. Omacron and Orinoko have,

in the past couple RL weeks, bonded most of Thakria and, as a result

most of our shops were looted. This is called payback, pure and simple. I

do not pretend to speak for the Seers Guild or for Thakria but I can speak

to my own involvement.

Most of you know me as a reasonable, easy-going peaceful guy. I don't

strip people, I don't attack people, and I don't NORMALLY steal. However,

MY involvement in these actions is very easy to explain. During the past

RL week, Orinoko, Allanon, Catt, Constantine, Jander, Dunccan, and Kes (and

a few others) have repeatedly invaded my guildhall. My staves have all

been felled, my floor runes have been repeatedly taken, my guildhall has

been oil slicked, my guild tutors have been repeatedly slaughtered and my

guild shops have been looted.

Most of these actions (including additional bonding) took place during the

so-called ceasefire in the stone war. As this process was continuing, I

received multiple threatening messages from Orinoko and Kes blaming

my guild for the ills of Avalon. All of these actions combined to piss me off


Last night I joined our Seers in their attack on the Prophet's guildhall. I

felled all of their staves, destroyed all of their runes and looted their horde

of quest items. I looted the Artisan's shop in Springtown and felled staves.

I spread oil all over Springtown. Later, I assisted in the looting of two

Mercinae shops.

As far as I am concerned, Springtown can thank Orinoko and Allanon

(primarily) for her losses and Mercinae can thank Constantine and Kes

(primarily) for her losses. I will take part in no more of these hostile actions

UNLESS and UNTIL the above-mentioned people resume their foolish ways.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Mournsend, in the year 1047.