Going back to your most intelligent post about poisons - though I must say, Plaman's was also very well thought out - it really bugs me that months of hard work planting poisons and herbs can be instantly (or almost instantly) destroyed by burning for

est to remove large portions of Ranger and Animist skilsets, which is done as a matter of course by some players in challenge.

Surely some god must listen to this and see how wrong it is. Logically one dose of oil wouldnt do so much damage. If it removes forest status to a loc, to help in a challenge, then ok, but not kill ALL of the herbs and poisons. Surely the gods must se

e this?

I could go on, urging you to love nature for its own sake, but I guess my pleas would fall on deaf ears.

Yours affectionately, Barcud the Horticulturalist

Written by my hand on the 19th of Ilmarael, in the year 1046.