Lottsa things.......

Inshallahto Everyone

Well let's start with poisons. It's a choice, pure and simple. Pick'em all and bugger the others or pick with respect and leave some for later. You all make the choice you all get the result.

Next, let's look at skills. Oh hang on we can't because we're not omnipotent creator level gods and can't really (however much we might wish to) see the 'big picture' - tell you what let's just drop that one or explore it on the elders BB ok?

And third and finally, I got a few words of stick from my fellow deities for mentioning the need for restraint in posting BB messages (although I agree my style is...unorthadox) but having just read the few before this I must say;


Be silent you mortal scum for you know not what damage you do to those of use uninterested in your prattle!!


Written by my hand on the 19th of Midsummer, in the year 1046.