Governments can BACK THE **** UP.

Arikarr The Blackto Lothar, Dawn Star

Nice to hear my name is bandied in, ahem, 'higher' circles.

Just to put things in perspective, I would guess that certain

members of the springscum elite are whining, whining, whining

as I spend some time with my wife, Alecto, at her home and work

in Parrius, a city where I have usually felt relatively welcome

and one to which I feel a certain measure of loyalty.

Well, as neither myself nor Alecto are very interested in the

so-called 'politics' of this world, or the vast majority of

its inhabitants anymore, I will tell you formally to 'Stick it',

'Live with it', 'stop whining', or any of the other homilies so

often cast at me when I have complained of such things.

I respect Parrius' neutrality, and commit no acts of violence or

crime within its walls, unless attacked. If the city is attacked

by enemies whilst I am there, then I will fight to defend it.

But those who simply charge around trying to kill me, after I've

been away for a few weeks, and thus commiting no 'acts of depraved

evil' can hardly be seen to have motivation for such pursuit

beyond simple sadism, experience gain or the sad desire to

win a roleplaying game. (an attitude that seems sadly prevalent

these days.)

Once again, just for clarity...I'm not interested, and thus

I am no threat.

If the complaint did not originate from your Lothar, then my

humble apologies, and my request that you pass my vitriol on to

those who are.

Yours, Uncaring Arikarr, a rare visitor to this 'world'.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Midsummer, in the year 1046.