Actually being a bit of an experienced poison picker myself the rule of 25 is a manufactured number created way back when there wasn't a limit to how high poison/herb growth could reach. So you have not posted proper picking guidelines just old guide

lines used by people. I do agree with you that those of us who pick poisons/herbs have a kind of responsibility to make sure there is enough for our proffession(I like my allies but honestly if other guilds don't have enough poisons I don't care as t

hey have more then enough skills to compensate for them).

I also don't agree all poisons should be in ready supply for everyone but then that is a personal choice. It is also fairly simple to get yourself a fairly secure and safe forest location to grow some poisons in. The fact you have yet to find any ma

y speak volumes of your youth and inexperience. As for Babidi threatening to destroy as much poisons as he can why waste our time repeating this countless sorcerors have threatened this numerous times in the past. Yes they can dent the forest growth

it just makes it that much more of a challenge for us to work to perserve it. I think the best suggestion was keep the rules posted on the rangers bb or have them in tells with the other pickers out there.

Just a thought,


Oh yeah and it is rangers and bandits most dependent on poisons there hero not the knight guilds!


Written by my hand on the 10th of Midsummer, in the year 1046.