Evoking stuff.

Artisan Allanon, of Springdaleto Everyone

I have always thought it most unfair that where as Sorcerers can evoke poisons

the Paladins profession (which should have evoking as part of the spiritualism skillset

the same as Animists) have had the skill denied to them.

Part of the reason Babidi was able to conduct an even semi sucessful \"war\" with the animists

is the ludicrously ease and quickness of forestfire to defoliate a location.

Destroying herb/poison growth by picking to nothing should really be the only way to

effectively destroy a location - perhaps a location should only be able to be forestfired

after everything going there has gone (whether by picking or multiple burnings).

Babidi is right in saying how much to puick is a personal choice and its really up

to the guilds which actaully have the skills to pick to deal harshly with overpickers - the only real problem

with that is how do you know who is the one to overpick a location?

Written by my hand on the 21st of Skyelong, in the year 1046.