I made an oath once, that if anything. i would not let any citizen die alone, so countless rides, levels, and 22 swords and 9 pieces of armour later... I get, this. I never promised to protect you, Im not that good. not vs the odds that there are so

metimes. but i did promise to bunk with you on the ship. You both say you left because of \"city\" affairs, you will be gravely dissapointed with the backstabing politicos in thakria. Randon i dont think ever said this. but im sure Alenya did once she s

aid something along the lines of.

\"Being Mercinaen isnt about killing or dying, its about who your friends are, we should all stay strong, for our friends\"

Personally I will be tickled pink when you thakrians make babidi your prince, laugh, hes going to run your city to the ground, with his selfishness, narcism, egoism, and antipathic attitude.

As for citizenship thakria has been known to accept all sorts. hey wasnt threap prince of springdale a while back?. didnt he kill your citizens over and over and over... and over. and babidi... wasnt your afamed baron one whom i heard personally you

r princess tell him he would never be a citizen of thakria. the reasone why roughly half a dozen people left thakria. your friends and fellow citizens. and i mean left thakria for good. away from the game.

Laugh thakria will crumble under the weight of its own pomp and hypocrisy, im just very very very. sorry. to see my friends going to be dragged down with it.

I still have Alenya friended, so if you ever want to get me in a closed location to team me and strip me all you have to do is ask her.

But i just hope for your sakes its to full rits and a couple exits because last time yall tried to kill me you had to drag me out of the room i had positioning on. I WILL take some of you with me.

Sir Dunccan, Il-Feydaykin. Still awaiting for answers to the 6 challenges i made to the people who team killed me.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Mournsend, in the year 1046.