Sa-Feydaykin Constantine, Lore-Knightto Everyone

Well today Alenya was in a Thakrian teamfight as if she had been a Thakrian her entire life. Exactly 2 days after she left our city, which i know has left many of us feeling betrayed and beaten by a friend, a few were even talking of leaving Avalon. W

ell this just proves the fact that Does Alenya give a fuck about anyone of you ?...NO... She doesn't whatsoever. She's a traitor, and now i'm certain she'd kill anyone of you without even thinking about it.

This reminds me all too much of Randon (who by coincidence is Alenya's former fiancee -gasp-), former guildmaster of the Knights, and used to be one of my best friends, until one day he decided to screw all of us and moved to thakria without even sayi

ng a damned word to me, That hurts - It's one thing to lose a friend, but when he's too ashamed to even fricking talk to you about it, that hurts even more. He left me and all of you out in the cold to die, the same as Alenya did.

Well all i can say now is that we have to forget these assholes and move on as a city. Let Thakria keep them, we're better off without them, as their liable to turn their back on us in the most direst of situations - They've done it before haven't the

y ?


Written by my hand on the 29th of Eleuthral, in the year 1046.