Inshallahto Everyone

Since the gods and goddesses of Avalon seem to have no faith whatsoever in their followers abilities to defend their honour, obviously feeling you all to be weak pathetic individuals who couldn't find an orc with both hands, the Tourney to be held on

Sunday night at 12 midnight GMT has been thrown open to the mortals of Avalon to enter on their own authority.

I welcome teams or individuals who wish to represent their orders, gods, patrons and divine friends. Please MSG me should you wish to participate and tell me the deity you will be representing. Teams should be three people strong and only the main Cha

mpion for the team need be a follower - so all you non-aligned people can come along too.

Should a lack of interest be shown by the mortals as well as the gods (and who's to say the gods don't reflect your own opinions) the tourney will be cancelled as being far too much of a challenge for Avalonians to face up to.

Inshallah - Tourney Grand Marshal

Written by my hand on the 1st of Cloudburst, in the year 1045.